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Dear Crew (12 weeks)

So I have thought about this a lot and as much as I would love to just chat all the live long
day about my son I will definitely edit my posts on all things baby ;)
So in order to create some type of organized outlet to share about our little man
I've decided to write him letters and share them via the blog!
I have to idea how frequently they will be, but I figure it will be a fun glimpse into our (my) life with baby now ;) & I think it could be fun for Crew to ready later in life too!
So here we go....

Dear Crewster,
Yes this is what we call you. You are our lil rooster waking us up each morning. So really the
nickname is quite fitting. I cannot believe you are already 3 months old. This week
I had to pack away all your newborn and 0-3 month clothes since you are such a BIG boy! Already in 6 month clothing! Lol! As much as I loved how tiny you were I love you growing so so much. You are starting to smile now and love to just chit chat to whoever will listen.
Its freagin adorable kid.
You are the spitting image of your daddy and it completely melts my heart.
Your lil furry duck hair is such a pretty shade of red, with lil glimpses of blonde every
so often. But you have these beautiful BLUE eyes which was such a shocker to us since
your daddy has hazel and I have brown eyes. The majority of people tell us that they will end up changing color and wont be blue anymore but I don't believe them ;)
The only person who had blue eyes was your great grandma (Fifi (your grammies mom), you never got a chance to meet her but I know she would have adored you! You were born a day before her birthday, so I think that those baby blues were a little gift from her ;)
Soon you should start laughing and I think it might just make my heart explode.
As challenging as this new title of mom is you have truly made every single day so much better than I could have imagined.
At the end of the most days I am covered in spit up, poop, and since I didn't have a chance to shower I am a disheveled mess but I am happy. So very happy.
So thank you little man for choosing me to be your mommy. I love you forever and ever.
Your Mum


Abi Q said...

I agree 110%. The spit up, poop and unshaved everything is totally worth them. ;)

Faith Cherisse Photography said...

this is so darn cute! putting away the 1st stage of clothing forever is the hardest and reflecting makes you want to freeze time. I thik Crewster will appreciate sharing this with his wife and kids one day. What a great idea! i can't wait to see more :) Congratulations!

Aunt Viv said...

Ashley....What a perfect idea. The time flies by so fast and then he's a young man. Going back to read all about him will be such a treasure chest for him to open! You are amazing! Proud Auntie Vivi xoxo

Bad Frank said...

Our sons are four weeks apart, and I am totally copying this idea! It will definitely be a treasure for him when he is older, but for me as well to go back and remember our lives in the sweet early days. Congrats on your little man!

Anonymous said...

Ack! The comment I just made was from my husband's account. No need to publish this one - just wanted you to have the correct identity. I blame mommy brain! :)