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My Boys

I have been moping around our new place for the past couple of days... why you ask?!
This year my birthday snuck up on me way too fast! I am not at all prepared for it.
And the worst part is I cant even drown my sorrows like normal people in a glass of wine!!!
Can I rain check my birthday pluuuueeese?!
But all self pity aside this birthday is definitely a strange one.
I just didn't realize this was going to be my last birthday of just me and my 2 boys
(yes the dog counts!)
Soon its going to be a house full of men ;)
Crazy. Absolutely crazy.
So as I embark on another year, I am terrified, thrilled and just so
so thankful for my sweet boys!
So I am off to enjoy the day with my loves, Happy Monday Friends!!!

And just a lil pic of my first born and baby brother on the way :) (fuzzy blue bump)



Amy said...

happy birthday sweet friend!

Abi Q said...

Happy birthday. You and you pup and your belly are just adorable! I say we do a birthday redo dinner when we finally have time to catch up! I'll bring the wine! ;)