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Happy Birthday Mum!

So yesterday was My Mom's Day of Birth!
Words cannot explain how freagin amazing my mom is. Seriously she is the best.
Throughout this whole pregnancy she has been so so wonderful to Jeff & I
and spoiled Crew rotten already :)
I think about how lucky I am to have her so close to us
and I know she is going to be the best grammie to our Crew-ster!
She has already proven that with the Bubs ;)
I truly don't know how I am going to measure up to her as a mother,
I am constantly in awe of her kindness and strength.
The past month was a bit chaotic for us and my mom was there the whole time.
She packed up our old apartment for us,
I was shooting weddings and trying to rest
while Jeff came down with salmonella poisoning! ;(
Needless to say it was a disaster! We wouldnt have been able to move without her!
She then proceeded to scrub our new town home top to bottom because
Jeff didn't want me going near the bleach. *he is a wee bit paranoid*
The following week she through me a Baby Shower :)
Umm.... Seriously... My mom is ridiculous! So so grateful for her!
I cannot even begin to thank her for everything she has done =)
And since posts are better with pictures, some shots from my shower!
It was such a labor of love by my mom, aunts, cousins and Jeff's mom :)
We feel extremely blessed!

Happy Birthday Mum, you mean more to me than you will ever know!




My mom made all the cakepops ;) So proud of her! They tasted AM-AZING!

She used the recipe from Bakerella's New Book!


Handmade Owl Tree :)



The Whole Spread =)


We dont have a "theme" for Crew's room, but we had Love Birds incorporated @ our wedding so my mom decided to tie in a bird type theme for the shower, without going overboard ;)

It was perfect!


Stephanie Hain Torres said...

SO freaking adorable! You are one lucky mama!

Ashley Perez said...

Ummm can your amazing mom throw me a baby shower when I'm pregg? This is incredible! So happy for ya, Ash (:

Jen Berry said...

not only does your mom sound loving and amazing. She is incredible talented. who makes cake pops this awesome from a recipe. who has an eye for total cuteness with the owls and not to mention the color combos. I can see where your creativity comes from.

Jess said...

This is incredible! Can she come throw me a party next also?