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Fall Schedule

Hi Lovely Blog Readers =)
I hope everyone is doing wonderful!
Just thought I would be proactive and post my Fall Schedule this year.
Since we are expecting our baby Crew-ster (rhymes with Rooster) in November
I have decided to not take on any Lifestyle/Portrait shoots from October- January.
I have notified my new brides, but if you would like your engagement pictures this year I am
only shooting in the month September and then will not be shooting until the New Year =)
We are trying to take everything easy for the last leg of the pregnancy and
I already have a full plate with finishing up my last weddings of the year!
We are so excited to welcome our little man and just spend some quality time together
as a family, so I hope you all understand ;)
I will still be answering email/meeting with new clients during this time so fret not!
Please email me ASAP if you have not confirmed your session
and would like it before the New Year =)

And since I look sooooo good pregnant, a lovely shot of me preggs… lol.
Thank you to my wonderful friend Mary Frances for taking this gem ;)
*disclaimer- I am MUCH MUCH bigger now...



Sophie said...

How come you look can still look crazy pretty when pregnant and with such an expression?

And also, loving the shirt in that picture. The one I'm wearing today is almost exactly the same except green. Straaaange (:

Sarah Frenzel said...

Hey, it's Derek- Is that the Ace Hotel? Congrats BTW on the bun in the oven!

JL Photographers said...

omg you look crazy cute!! and your hair!! GAH! its beautiful!