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First Rose

So while I was pondering this post I kept thinking about the picture
that I was going to post along with it.
And I got nothing.
Seriously instead of writer's block, I have a photograph block.
So for once I will leave this post naked (picture less).
On Friday night we found out the sex of our baby.
We were surrounded by our nearest & dearest friends and cut into a cake to reveal
our great surprise with all of them.
It was by far a moment I will never forget.

Sometimes I feel like a walking cliche
but I just have these moments that are forever etched in my mind and heart.

Walking down the aisle and seeing my husband for the first time
Picking out our little man - our first born -Mr. Bubbles
Telling our friends (all together) we were having a baby
and now finding out the sex of our lil one

You can see the video that was taken on my face book
(honestly I couldn't figure out how to upload it here to save my life).
But we found out that night we were welcoming a Baby Boy into our family this November.
The first Rose baby =)
My husbands last name was dying off with only welcoming baby girls into this world,
so we were shocked when we realized we were getting a little man. Our son.
We do have a name for him as well.....
so on the day of our 2 year anniversary I thought I would share his name,
after a quick note to my Baby Daddy!

BD (Baby Daddy)
Happy Anniversary my love.
It's been 2 years since we vowed to spend our lives together.
Thank you for being my best friend.
For being the love of my life, my biggest supporter, bubby's daddy,
and the best daddy to be for our baby boy.
All our love,

Baby Mama & your son....

Crew Holden Rose

& Bubs too!


Creating.Myself said...

congrats ashley!!!! I saw your video and it was pretty damn amazing! probably one of the best ways I have ever seen a couple find out the sex of their baby. I am really excited for you and your fam =)

p.s. your cliches are really cute and seem pretty AWESOME!!!!

Amy said...

What a cute name! I can't wait to meet the little guy!

Emilie said...


Mama in the 90035 said...

Great name! Can't wait to meet you little man. Hope you are feeling great! xoxo