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It's saturday night and I decided to blog.
Can you tell we are party animals in the Rose Household?! : )
So I havent posted a editing post yet but it's coming soon!!!
Truth be told I love editing photos, after numerous hours of trying out different post processing I feel like I finally have my "style" of editing : )
My style isnt super saturated, I like to get it as perfect as I can SOOC (straight out of camera) then put a lil pop of vintage in there :) super mild, but I like it!
Any whoooooo I shot this lil gem today, and I was in LOVE with it SOOC ;)
So here it is, no bells or whistles, just as I shot it, sized for web with a lil sharpening for web.
Love love love.
I will post the edited version in the whole post (soon to appear on the blog!)


Catherine said...

Love it SOOC! Still trying to figure out my styles, too. Great job!

Cat Watson said...

beautiful! looks amazing sooc. I definitely still am trying out different things to figure out what is "me." Can't wait to see the rest!

Jen Berry said...

wow. great sunset SOOC. sweet intimate moment between them and you nailed the lighting.