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Donna & Mike

I never quite realized how funny that word is until my session with Donna & Mike.
We were just starting to shoot and I directed Mike to “nuzzle” Donna.
Which then made Mike break out in laughter, and mock the “nuzzle”!
Which I know he secretly “LOVED” =)
From there on we couldn’t stop laughing! And saying “Nuzzle”!
Donna & Mike wanted to have their shoot reflect them
(which of course is what I strive for with every shoot!)
and the one thing that truly resonated with them was sports, particularly basketball.
I think we ended up creating a session that was the perfect combination
of sports and them, just who they are together!
I love how much fun they had the whole time we were shooting!
I can truly feel it in the photos =)
Donna & Mike thank you for being beyond awesome,
I am sooo excited for your day in May @ the lovely Wayfarer’s Chapel!

My Fav!!!! (Below)


. s h e r r y * said...

Cute! :) I love the basketball series, and the one of them sitting on that lifehouse thing.

Diana Rush said...

I like using the word nuzzle too! I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! And, of course, I love the photos & the couple in them!!!

Michelle said...

Gosh, I just love your work! You have talent Girly! Plus, I get to enjoy looking at pictures from my old stomping ground in the South Bay :)

Cat Watson said...

beautiful scenery! he looks so tall! great shots, very cute:)

taryn said...

wow... i just stumbled on your blog and i love your work. everything is beautiful! :)
i will be back.