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Love Day Party

This Valentine's Weekend I had the pleasure of shooting some friends "Love Day" Party !
The Booth (my lil coined term for my photo booth setup- yes clever I know!)
was such a blast, and I cannot wait to start offering The Booth to my brides/clients soooon!!!!
*If your a current bride hold tight, you'll be getting an email from me :)
or new clients shoot me an email to get more info on The Booth!!!
Any whooooo, just some of my favs from the evening,
you can see more on Face book- just friend me to see em ;)

*Photog info on the booth:
I've gotten a couple emails regarding the setup I use, and whatnot.
And this is my set up! Seriously BUY IT.
It's honestly fabulous, it pushed me to experiment more with flash and I am in LOVE!!!
Also all the photos were just batch processed via Lightroom, no Photoshop needed :)
Please let me know if you have any questions peeps!


hmac said...

i have a feeling you might need a guinea pig/test-run with this... say in about 2 weeks? ;)

Laura Lewis said...

amazing. as always.