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Life as a... Score

So as I am brainstorming for these blog posts I would love to hear if there is anything my lovely blog readers would like to know =)
I am going to mix in some photography info/wedding info/decor/craft projects and pretty much anything you want! So please comment and let me know!

So I guess I need to start with how I decided to name my feature " Life as a..."
It really all stems from the song that my husband and I weren't introduced to at our Wedding!
It was to a Score, not a song.
I scoured for months trying to find that "perfect" song with no available luck :(
Then one day I was watching the movie "Life as a HOUSE"... & Poof there it was!
It was quite possibly the most beautiful song I ever heard. And I loved the title.
Since ultimately that is what we were doing, we were building our family from that day forward.
yes yes. mushy/slightly annoying statement :) I apologize!
But listen to it, it just sounds sooo happy and sweet, which is how we felt at that moment.
And oh so GIDDY =)

Our 1st dance at our wedding ;) (Thank you Aaron & Amy)

So that is how I just decided to play off of the Movie/Song ;) for these posts!
So I dont completely bore you I figured I would share some of the other music we played, since again I was a crazy bride and spent forever coming up with new "wedding music"!

I might as well share it with my brides :)

*please note that this was almost 2 years ago... lol... so try not to judge too much :)

All Vitamin String Quartet songs (seriously check them out! Freagin amazingness!)

Some of their songs we used were:
“Chocolate” Snow Patrol
“Eleanor Rigby” The Beatles
“Bowl of Oranges” Bright Eyes
“Smells like Teen Spirit” Nirvana
“The Scientist” Coldplay

My bridesmaids walked down to the VSQ version of:
“Wonderwall” Oasis

I walked down to:
“Forever” Ben Harper (regular version :))

Other misc. Songs played
“Forever Young” Youth Group
“The way I am “Ingrid Michelson
“Love” Matt White
“Crazy Love” ” Brian Kennedy version
“1st day of my life” Bright Eyes
“Let my love open the door” Pete Townshend (I can’t help it, I adore that part in “Dan in Real life” when they sing it. Breaks my heart every time!)


Suki said...

Building a family is such a sweet song.
Thank you for sharing :)

Ashley Perez said...

I love your first dance "score" Ash! So beautiful! And it made me feel like I was right there with ya! Thanks for sharing (:

Jen Berry said...

love little tidbits about you. they are always so special

Sarah Frenzel said...

It's been a while since I've listened to Mark Isham- Building a Family is beautiful. I love the rest of the songs you picked, too. Really interested to hear the quartet Nirvana...


Cat Watson said...

I did the same thing! I spent forever and a day pouring over music choices b/c I didn't want the traditional classical songs. I ended up walking down to "Far, Far" by Yael Naim and we danced to "Stay with You" by John Legend. Not exactly groundbreaking, but it was very "us":)