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Lauren & Jeff

“She must have needed them”.
This is what Lauren said when her beautiful cupcakes {props}
were eaten by a homeless woman at Union Station.
We had set them down for a second to set up another shot and right when we went back to them (a mere 3 ft away) a lil lady with curlers was eating them up.
There was nothing we could really do but laugh about the incident,
but I loved what Lauren said – “She must have needed them”.
And she truly meant it. So kind and sweet.
I feel like you can tell all about people by how they treat others less fortunate.
And Jeff & Lauren truly melted my heart that day.
Truth be told I was already smitten with them from the beginning.
Lauren is too cute for words, I love her cheeky personality & fabulous style!
And Jeff is just enamored with his bride. He simply adores her.
We started out at Union Station, complete with a vintage suitcase, cupcakes(see above) ,
and the well dressed pair. It was perfect!
We even snuck into the off limits area,
and had a whole 10 minutes before we were promptly kicked out =)
oh well those 10 minutes were amazing.
Then we headed off to Griffith Park,
specifically the old carousel, it holds a special place in Lauren’s heart.
Growing up not far from there, Lauren frequented the carousel with her family :)
and I loved that it was her happy place and was a part of their session!
Thank you Lauren & Jeff for spending the day with me,
even though I hacked all over you guys =)
{Lauren you have the best immune system ever}
I truly cannot wait for your day! I know it will be beyond beautiful!
Enjoy =)
*Lauren's beautiful dress is by FREE PEOPLE :) fyi

Lauren- you are gorgeous!


. s h e r r y * said...

AHH! I LOVE the train station AND the fair!!! <3 <3 The light was GORGEOUS in the train station!!!

Cat Watson said...

I am loving the locations! Everything about this shoot just fit, their outfits, where they were, and just how relaxed they seemed in front of the camera. Beautiful, really! I want her shoes:)

Jenny said...

Sooo gorgeous! You can tell they are so in love. Ashley: Any chance you could find out where Lauren got her ADORABLE dress? I am looking for something fun and cheery like her dress for our rehersal dinner! Thanks!

Jen Madigan Photography said...

Wow, all of these photos are absolutely stunning!! I love their outfits, the locations, everything. Gorgeous couple, fabulous photos!

I'm Jamie said...

AWWW!! I love them all!! What fabulous shots of a fabulous couple!!
Hi Ashley! I'm actually one of Lauren's bridesmaids. Lauren has spoken so highly of you-- I look forward to meeting at the wedding. We have a 9 month old boy, and as he approaches his first birthday I would love to have some photos done of him (and our little family). We are in the valley, but maybe we can figure something out!

Michelle said...

OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! So creative and the editing is fabulous! You ROCK!