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Heather & Neil

The first time I actually "met" Heather & Neil was via Skype!
But for some reason my camera was the only one that would work,
so for the next 45 minutes I chatted away at my blank computer screen
laughing and joking with myself :)
I can only imagine what Heather & Neil thought only being able to see me... lol.
I didn't really know what to expect, except I knew these two would be awesome!
Right away Neil had suggested we start the engagement shoot at his Uncle's pottery studio, which was where he brought Heather on one of their first dates =)
I have a whole different perspective on pottery now, wow, it is hard!!!
But Neil is a seasoned pro, and Heather has taken on his fun hobby as well.
After we recreated the "Ghost" scene (I KID People. I KID!)
we headed down to Hermosa Beach!
The waves were insane that day, but the beach was beautiful!
Heather & Neil I cannot wait for your big day, just a few short weeks away =) Enjoy!

I love these shadows =)


Jennifer Smith said...

Yeayaroooo Heather and Neil!!!!

. s h e r r y * said...

Wow, beautiful! :) I love the ones in the pottery studio because it must mean a lot to them. And the light on the beach is just AMAZING.

hmac said...

ashley these are *won*der*ful!!!

thank you so much for a fabulous day and i can't wait to see you in just a few weeks!!

Nina {Love and Lemonade} said...

what a gorgeous couple and a lovely shoot!

brionyskerjance said...

gorgeous flare! lovely couple :)

Cat Watson said...

This just makes me smile:) Just seemed like such a calm, relaxed, happy shoot:) I love the collage of all the pottery equipment and the hands, it's beautiful!

ryan haack said...

the one under the pier is freaking sick...

Jen Berry said...

ashley. seriously. every single time you take it up a notch (i mean you're already way up there). You are creating more and more an unique original and creative style. The shot under the pier is gorgeous. Great choice of lens, beautiful light and very cool lines. you rock

Jessica said...

What a wonderfully unique shoot. Love the pottery shots! They are so personal, and I am sure they will cherish them for a lifetime. And can I just say that the lighting at the beach is ridiculously scumptious! Great work Ashley!

Nicole said...

Ceramics have a special place in my heart. I love the feeling of this shoot. Beautiful work!!