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You might remember this lil guy from when he was just a wee lad.
Well we finally got around to doing their family photos =)
Jacob definitely keeps Amber & Joel on their toes; he is a fast lil guy,
And currently his interests include anything he can do BY HIMSELF.
He has his mother’s feist that is for sure!!! Stubborn lil baby, he is lucky he is cute!
If you hadn’t seen Jacob’s baby session, then you might not know he is my 2nd cousin,
Which gives me free reign to tell it like it is =)
This lil guy was not loving me on our shoot, but we just kept going and
tried everything to just get some happy shots!
I knew Amber & Joel were super nervous about it,
and not sure how we would get shots, but alas we did it!
I know parents can get overwhelmed and extremely nervous
when you take your family portraits,
But my best advice is just to relax and try not to stress.
Everything won’t go exactly as planned, and that’s okay, just have fun with it
and in the great words of Bob Marley “everything is going to be alright” !
I absolutely love these photos, so Enjoy!!!!
Ambee your family is beautiful. I love you.

Something about Jake's lil hand on Joel just melts my heart :)

<3 <3 <3

I know my cousin way too well. She will hate this photo. But I adore it :)

Look @ Jacob's face!!! I die. He is soooo happy :)

{Le Sigh} So calming :)


Aunt Viv said...

Lovely...absolutely Lovely! Ash great job...but then you had the cutest baby ever to help make it look easy. Thanks for sharing, Aunt Viv xoxo

Megan Welker said...

love love love these! they are so sweet and i love the location! fab job ash!

ryan haack said...

yes Ashely. The last two are Awesome.

Christi Contois said...

These are awesome Ashley! I love the first one with the little yellow petals on the dock and their shoes. You have such a great eye! And that little baby is so freaking adorable!!! So so good!!

Unknown said...

What a sweet family. I loved that hand on the heart one too. And your sun flare is to die for : )

ajira said...

Oh my goodness, that last one IS perfection. What a delight this shoot proffers! Thank you.