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*cough cough* ive got the black lung pop

So my lame zoolander reference is in regards to my weak cough.
It’s the kind of cough that sounds like I am faking it.
But it’s just that annoying. It’s dry and weak and it’s been killing me all week.
Since I have been under that weather its left me neglecting my blog =(
I hate that! But just wanted to check in and say I'm alive!
Every year without a doubt I get sick when the seasons change,
And it makes it that much worse here in so cal where we go from rain to heat in a day!?
I hate the doctor also when I am sick. I always have.
So my current method of getting better is… putting on makeup and pretty clothes
In hopes of tricking my body into thinking all is well =)
I'm a bit delusional… I know.
I'm ready for meds now. As soon as the crazy was typed on the page,
I realized its time to hit target for some drugs.
In other less crazy news… more exciting news….
Big things happening over here with this lil brand of mine=)
I cannot wait to share, but for now just a peak from a wedding I will blog soon!!!


brionyskerjance said...

that is the worst kind of cough...the constant nagging in the back of your throat. feel better!

Jen Berry said...

oh no. you better go to the doctor. that's no fun. cute angle on the shoes. as usual. creative.