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So I didn’t mean for this to be a lot of hype.
Or for it to be some big secret that I got a tattoo.
I still don’t really show people that I got one.
For me it wasn’t about getting it to show it off.
I just wanted it for me. As a daily reminder of who I want to become.
About 6 years ago my grandma passed away of lung cancer.
I can truly say she was and will always be one of the most amazing & inspirational people I have ever met.
She never had a bad thing to say about anyone.

And if she heard you saying something that wasn’t very nice,
She was the first person to stop you in your tracks and make you think about how hurtful you were being to someone else.
There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her.
I can’t tell you how devastating it was that she didn’t get to meet my husband or see me get married.
If you still have your grandma (or grandpa for that matter) cherish them with all your heart!
This tattoo was in honor of her.

I was telling a friend last week how I am trying to be kind to those who aren’t kind to me,
And a girl was eavesdropping & loudly scoffed at my statement.
To each their own.
But the way I see it is anyone can be nice to those who are nice to them.
That’s not really hard now is it?
But to be genuinely kind to people who aren’t nice to you is definitely not an easy task.
But if it was easy everyone would do it.

That was who my grandma was though.
It didn’t matter what you did to her. She just loved with all her heart.
And that is who I want to be. Maybe it’s naive but I don’t really care.

So the back-story a bit on the tattoo…
My grandma was British. Born in Braintree Essex, England & adored the Queen Mum.
And she adored the color purple. Hence my lil English crown, in lavender.

I told you. Too much hype over something that truly is just for me.

Photo taken by the Hubs! :)
Cant wait to share the Hawaii wedding we shot together too ;) soon, I promise!!!


Jessica said...

Love the story and the meaning behind your tattoo! I have one for my Grandma as well. It was for me, and no one else, and it is a wonderful reminder of her each day. I hope yours brings you the same joy!!!

Amy said...

very cool Ashley!

Ashley Perez said...

What an amazing point of view! I think being nice to those who aren't nice to you can take a lifetime to master and I admire you for incorporating it into your life the way your grandma did! My grandma taught me to eat dessert first so I think they were both very wise women (:

Abi Q said...

Adorable! Love it and the color and the story!

unitedmum said...

Such wonderful words about my MUM....makes me want a tattoo as well :) Love you xoxoxo

Megan Welker said...

ahh i love it ashley! I have one in that exact spot. it reminds me of my mom and gma. love your story so much! grandmas are the best. im glad you have a daily reminder of her :)

Aunt Viv said...

Ashley...thanks for sharing such a "lovely" background on My Mom ...your Grandma. I LOVE hearing how she continues to
inspire you...Love you, Aunt Vivi xoxo

Anonymous said...

That is very sweet and personal:) And that is just what tattoo's should be, something that means a lot to you (in my opinion!). It's funny, that girl that laughed at what you were saying, she was actually helping you to practice what you wanted to grow in. Not that it was right of her or anything:) My fiance is British, too! Brits rock:)

Jen Berry said...

great story. love your tattoo. wouldn't get a tattoo without a story like this.

i still think you should get your british passport.

Brandi Ford said...

Beautiful story with an awesomely personal tattoo to match. Thanks for sharing!