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Meghan & Blake

"oh are you high school sweethearts"
me: "nope"
"where did you meet?"
me: "in high school"
{insert puzzled expression}

this is usually the way it pans out when people ask me about how me
& my man friend (the hubs) met =)
and its not too far off from Meghan & Blake's story, yet theirs is a far more interesting story!

Meghan and Blake were friends all through high school but it wasn't till after
that it all clicked and they knew they were meant for each other.
A-dor-ably meant for each other.
So it just made sense to shoot @ Meghan & Blake's high school
(actually my rival high school-lol)
then we headed over to the Orange Circle where their lil Puggle met up with us
for some shots too!

Meghan & Blake thank you for bringing out your inner "fierce" & "saucy" ness for this shoot =)
You both crack me up! Cant wait for your day ;)


Creating.Myself said...

great pictures! especially the one with the yellow/red pillars! is that heather's (from hart park) brother???

ally michele said...

hey! I knew them! How fun! You did a great job and it was fun to see my high school and fellow classmates lookin so great behind the camera! Great job Ashley! CONGRATS BLAKE AND MEGHAN!

carissa said...

omg that puggle!!!! i cant get enough! :)

Megan Welker said...

ashley!! you rock! i love how your shoots are themed! those old school desks are raad!! love it!!

Jamie said...

I also met my husband in high school, but we were definitely NOT high school sweethearts! It's always fun explaining that to people! :)

These are great and so fun that you did it at a school - especially love the one with the orange and the puppy!

Anonymous said...

Love the ones in front of the lockers, and the Elmo one! Great idea to shoot at the school, just made the pictures look unique. Seems like a fun couple, too!