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HoneyMooners =)

Finally blogging the pathetic lil batch of photos I took on our honeymoon!
I say pathetic because I cant even tell you how many people have asked me
"How many pictures did you take?!!"... in which I cringe and utter "very few" under my breathe. I just wanted to live IN THE NOW & enjoy the trip, not that I don't enjoy shooting, but I didn't want to worry about lugging around my dslr camera all that much, which is why you can see it didn't leave the hotel room! We mostly used our handy dandy point & shoot & I labeled which images are with that (*PS) just for reference =)
I cant even explain how wonderful our honeymoon was, Brides & Grooms definitely splurge on this trip, well again this is just my own opinion,
but for us it was truly everything we dreamed and more!
We played, ate, waterpark-ed, ate, sun-ed, ate, read & ate some more.
I would have to say that eating is my favorite vacation activity...
hmm not really sure if that is something I should be boastful about... =)
I got in some much needed reading which is definitely my form of therapy (besides retail).
I couldn't put down How to Win Friends & Influence People, I bought it because I heard its an amazing business book but really ended up feeling like it's made for everyone.
If you want to be a genuine and kind person READ this book,
its so amazing how it clarifies everything about communicating properly!
I'm not going to lie I cringed several times as I read through the book,
catching my bad habits staring back @ me off the page, but now I am trying to work on them. Really an eye opener =)
I also got hooked on the TWILIGHT saga ;) and I am officially obsessed.
Really. to an unhealthy extent.
Well enough of my craziness, here's a handful of shots from the Bahamas peeps! Happy Monday!
Dontcha just love the air conditioning system in the airport =) *PS* (it made me laugh)

Part of the Royal Towers *PS*

Our room view *My Cam*

Hello Lover- Sigh- the most delicious drink ever (i don't even know if that's proper English, but i don't care) Yum yum Mango Margaritas! *PS*

Room view of the WaterPark *My Cam*

The Beach @ the Cove *PS*

Water Slides...scary! I'm a bit of a chicken with body slides... =) *PS*

So Jeff made me walk through The Dig (underground aquarium thing) 20+ times...
I really didn't understand his fascination but we had fun pretending we were in 300
"We are Sparta!" *PS*

Just a shot of my new TOMS =) because they make me happy-love em! *My Cam*


Amy said...

oh man.....I totally want to go back!

Ashley Perez said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a good time! I totally agree with splurging for the honeymoon. It's so important to have that time together and not worry about everything. Oh, and I'm so glad you're hooked on Twilight! I haven't read the book yet, but it's sitting on the shelf ready to be devoured when I get a moment. The movie on the other hand...

Cute pix!

Jen Berry said...

um yeah. Tom's shoes are totally on my bday wishlist. i had an old pair but the new ones are super cute and actually have arch support now. happy you had a happy honeymoon.

brionyskerjance said...

sparkley TOMS are awesome!!!

jesi haack weddings said...

i can't even believe you got to go there!!!

carissa said...

LOLOLOL!!!! girl WHY would you bring twilight on your honeymoon!?!? that book is bad for marriages everywhere :) but i am happy to say, i am officially OVER edward cullen...i don't even think about him anymore - HA!

Megan Welker said...

So happy to hear you had such a wonderful time! ps. love the toooommmss! I can't decide on the ones I want..too many to choose from!

Meg said...

So happy to see you had such a wonderful trip!!! And I totally hear you on the not wanting to lug around your slr! Good for you for putting it down and actually seeing things NOT through a lens :)