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Navy Part 2

30 going on 13. Yes that's it!
Navy described turning 30 a bit more eloquently than I ever could (so check it out).
Within 5 mins of meeting her I just knew that she was a genuine kind hearted person,
who just radiates fun & warmth!
If you missed Part 1 of Navy's Bday extravaganza, its right here, but onto Part 2.
There was sooooo much goodness @ this party, it was just a joy to be there and capture the fun!
Navy's party took place at this amazing Moroccan restaurant Babouch,
complete with authentic food, tarot card reading, and a belly dancer!
Ya, pretty fant-ab-ulous!
Onto the good times.....


Then the belly dancer came out, & it was pure AMAZINGNESS with this crew =)
I couldn't stop laughing with the dance moves that ensued!

I truly hope you had a fabulous Birthday Navy =)Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!


brionyskerjance said...

first off...soooo fun! and wow with the color :)

Kelly said...

this is rad, where was this!?

jesi haack weddings said...

what a rad opportunity! and the pics are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

You are AWESOME!!!!