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Knit one, Purl two

Sorry for the lack of posting! Life has been a complete mess lately with being sick, and puppy problems, so I am a lil behind in my posting!
A while back I did a retail shoot for a chic sorority sweater company, Purl Stitch, and finally I am getting them bloggifyed (okay I know this isn’t a word, just go with it).
It’s completely different territory for me posing single subjects, I was a bit nervous but I am thrilled that I pushed myself in this shoot because I fell in love with single subject posing =)
And all of the models really knew how to rock it, and were just a ton of fun to shoot, so thank you gallies – you made my job easy!
I sneaked a pic from this shoot last week, and just thought I would share a few more of my favorites from the shoot.
Happy Friday Friends!!!!


Anonymous said...

FABULOUS! I love single subjects! You get their undivided attention and they end up just making love to the camera. Okay...maybe not, but it's so much fun! These are so cool and I love the angle on the last one...and not to mention the FABULOUS birdcage veil headpiece!!! I'ma get me one...shoot!

brionyskerjance said...

these are wonderful...they are all so beautiful and the colors and textures take over each photo. great job!

Kelly said...

oh heeeeey hot morgan...

My Sweet & Saucy said...

I love their product and your photos really capture it well!

Melissa Vossler said...

I spy Morgan :)

great job Ashley!!

Julie Ann said...

wow-wee! these are amazing! such beautiful colors and textures. you did great capturing your single subjects and i looove the scarf and veil!

AHS Photography said...

I am a little behind in blog land so I enjoyed catching up. Everytime I come by I think i can't believe how good Ashley got so fast! You are amazing. The wedding pictures are great too!
<3 Amy

Jasmine said...

Ultra fab! :)

Jamie Burnett Photography said...

Great shots, and some fabulous models! Love the urban look!

Purple Nickel Studio said...

I totally wanna do more 'single subject' shoots...it seems so much more 'low key'...compared to parents, and kids, and then their dogs...LOL. These are way HOT!