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The Wares

Chris & Brittney are actually already married; my lovely hubby was the best man at their wedding!
We actually accidently set them up at a lil wine party we had 4 years ago!
(I went to elementary school with Britt & Jeff has know Chris since they were 2)
Well Chris and Britt had expressed to me how disappointed they were about their wedding photos,
which truly broke my heart; I couldn’t image not LOVING your wedding photos.
It’s really sad but I have heard A LOT of brides express how unhappy they were with their pictures
& I would say get some more taken- JUST BECAUSE!
People really don’t get their picture taken enough in my opinion…:)
So while Chris & Britt were in town over the Holiday
we decided to get some shots of them that they would LOVE
(I luv them, hopefully they do too)
We decided to shoot @ The Lab – which is a funky anti mall in Costa Mesa.
It was an awesome location with some interesting backdrops
that just fit them perfectly as a couple- ie: hanging car & bike sign!
Chris is a huge car enthusiast and they both love riding dirt bikes -so perfect!
C & B thank you for allowing me to be a part of your shoot & your love.
Here are my favorites from the shoot! This 1st image is seriously one of my favorites. Ever.

Email me if you want to get some *just because shots ; )


Unknown said...

That one with the car on the wall is off the hook. your in the fast lane girl.-Aaron

Unknown said...

i just realized the lame accidental pun. i suck

Team Wares said...

I love all these pics Ashley! You did an AMAZING JOB! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wish you could have shot our wedding!

AHS Photography said...

these are so good!! i LOVE the car on the wall one so much!!!

Mary Marantz said...

ooh what GREAT locations you had for this shoot! love the one with the drums (is that what they're called??) awesome job!

Dennise said...

These pictures are beautiful indeed and I agree the first one is amazing!

stitchpixie said...

WOW. what an amazing location. how were the barrels spewing out water??

Ashley Rose said...

Mary - Ya I would call em Drums :)
StitchPixie - its this work of art @ the Lab and water flows outta them ;) really rad!

HazelnutPhotography said...

Beautiful shots! Such a happy looking couple :-)

carlie.renee. said...

i love me some of that last one. yum.

Kelly said...

they look great ash