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Trick (s) are for Kids

So while hanging out with my all time favorite peeps last weekend
I learned a trick!
Well semi learned it... ; )
I need to practice ALOT more :) but I was thrilled to learn something new.
Photography is amazing.
Its a constant state of learning, which makes me fall even more in love with it
every time I pick up my camera!
Here is my 1st shot with the trick :) lovely face of one of my mentors...
(I wonder if i can just declare mentor, hmm or do I need their permission)
Anywho have a wonderful weekend my lovely peeps!!!
I will be posting some yummy bridal porn this weekend ;) (and less smiley faces)
Sorry Aaron I had to post it... :)


Shelby said...

Ok you can't post about new tricks without telling us how to do them...
Have a great weekend! XOXO

Ashley Perez said...

I love that you said bridal porn! Ha ha. It sounds like something dirty!!

Jessica said...

Oh you have to tell us how you did this in a future post. That is really neat!

Julie Ann said...

yes, I agree with Jessica. sharing is caring ;)

that's such a cool picture...you're lucky to have such a cool mentor! (i think now that another person has chimed in with the "mentor" thing, it has to be true now!)

AHS Photography said...

LOL!!!! Love it Ash!

Dennise said...

Spill, I love photography tricks! By the way, I tagged you on my blog, check it out if you'd like. xo

Lizbeth Soto said...

How do you do this trick? Please share :)