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My name is Ashley Rose.
First name -Ashley. Last name-Rose. ;)
I am a wife, mother to a lil fat baby boy, a rolly polly english bulldog, & a Wedding Photographer located in beautiful Orange County, California.
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Tag-Your It!

I was tagged by the lovely Dee :)
(Sorry this is late Dee!)
Here are the rules:
* Go to the fourth folder on your computer where you keep your photographs.
* Choose the fourth picture.
* Explain it.
This was hilarious that this was the picture I got!
I took this pic a couple months ago as a header for my new blog...
long story short I have completely put Ellie through hell changing my mind every 5 minutes :(
But we finally had a breakthrough on the final design of the blog!
It doesnt have anything to do with this image, but the sparkly new blog will be here soon...
Hmm. I dont know who to tag, let's just have it be an open lil assignment :)
who ever wants to join please do so, just leave me a comment and I will note your blog!


Jessica said...

Wow... You have been so busy blogging. I can hardly keep up! : )
I cannot wait to see your new blog, and what the future holds. Hope you and your family are well!

Melissa Vossler said...

Ashley, beautiful photo of the wedding bouquet. Looking forward to seeing the rest. I'm "venturing" into the wedding arena here in Reno. I still have a lot of work to do - but I'm looking forward to learning from you as you pave the way :)