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Studying Humanity

11 boxes fill our tiny abode right now.
Each filled to the brim with holiday decorations.
I have a bad addiction to holiday décor, especially Christmas décor.
So last week when the hubs brought up all the boxes
he happened to mention that
“We definitely won’t need any more decorations this year”
I cheerily agreed and continued to unpack
oodles and oodles of snowmen.
Then last week I got a surprise in my inbox from
one of my
favorite stores *hint in the title*
offering a discount on Christmas Trim for 3 days only!!!
So I did what any new wife does and begged for just one ornament,
knowing I would come home with at least three.
I was able to snag these lovelies for 30% off.
(Best hubby EVER)
High Five!

Cupcake. Sweater. Starburst

1 comment:

Ashley Perez said...

It's sooo true about wives begging their husbands for any kind of decorations! Ha ha. That was me last year for Halloween. Jeff was a little more easy going about Christmas decorations, but I think that's because that one is HIS favorite holiday. Adorable ornaments! "Seriosly!" Lol.