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Kayli & Darren

Or Kayli-an (rhymes with Alien) and Darrel :) to us Roses!
I have known Kayli since we were 2 years old, our parents live across the street from each other,
& I can honestly say that Darren is her perfect match!
(cheesy but true)
We got a chance to shoot @
The Camp which I was super excited about!
Thank you K & D for being amazing, and being my lil puppets :)
I cannot wait for your wedding in June, its going to be gorgeous!
I literally had so many favs. from this session, it was hard to narrow it down, but here you go...

Kayli has the most gorgeous ring -EVER... perhaps its because Darren is a ring designer!

And I have to give D a shout out for this shot, it was all his ideal ;)
Yup he is awesome!


Kayli Bagwell said...

HOLY CRAP I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! THANKS :) hehehe You are the best!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

Love the photos! What a fun blog you have!

AHS Photography said...

good job ash!-Aaron

Ashley Perez said...

Nice job Ash! Their expression are so natural and not at all forced. That's probably my favorite part about this shoot! You're on your way!!!

AHS Photography said...

I adore them!
<3 Amy

carlie.renee. said...

ashley these are so freakin beautiful!!! your wonderful...:)

Suz Broughton said...

I love that first shot--so creative.
The Camp is a fun place to shoot. These are all great.

loveology said...

Absolutely gorgeous, dear!
It touched me, to see their love and the way it shows in these gorgeous photographs...


Megan Welker said...

Love the "you and me"! so cute!!