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A day late. A buck short

Yes I realize I am extremely late in posting this, but better late than never.

I decided this year not to make resolutions, I would rather just enjoy life
and not feel forced into anything :)
But I wanted to revert back to my lil list last year.
You know the one you keep with all things you feel you need to see/do/be over the year!
This year was pretty eventful :) so here is where my list stands...
I feel like I accomplished alot in 08,
Hopefully I can check off a bunch more in 2009 (no pressure though)!

(Bold ones have been accomplished :) woot)

Marry my best friend
Travel through Europe
Find my Passion

Get a puppy with my hubby
Create a bliggity blog
Surround myself with people I admire
Buy a home of our own
Learn to cook more than 5 meals... I dream BIG ;)
Have our wedding published (more to come)
Go Skydiving
Be a better wife (isn't this continuous!?)

Invest in a GOCCO!
Find inspiration everyday (Thank you BLOGGERS!)
Read in bed (w/o falling asleep)
To dress better- I know I am as deep as a puddle
Write better posts... this one is def. making me stick to that!

Happy Belated New Years all, I should be able to post some goodness this week!



never seen your blog before, but you seem darling. :) and beautiful work, as well!

Ashley Perez said...

I can definitely help you with the cooking item. And not just with mac n cheese from the box! J and I love to cook so you'll be able to check that one off soon! I also didn't make any resolutions this year for the same reason. Here's to trying to better ourselves without specifying how!