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I am a wife, mother to a lil fat baby boy, a rolly polly english bulldog, & a Wedding Photographer located in beautiful Orange County, California.
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All you need is Love- The Beatles

This is a completely personal post (I will post my super fun Love Bird Shoot soon!)
But this inspired me to be a nicer person, a better person, and really
who doesn’t love that?!
I am behind on my homework assignments. My
NICE assignments.
If you haven’t checked out
this blog –do so immediately!
Operation Nice Assignment –create an All People Love list

So here is my LOVE list

I love that my husband responds to my endless list of pet names for him; poodle, babies, honey, muffin, nilla, vanilla bear, goobee, baby crocodile J
I love who my mom is. Her strength and faith in people is incredible. She encourages me to be happy and kind everyday.
I love the fact that my dad can fix everything, I kid you not, everything.
I love that even after brain surgery and battling epilepsy my baby brother proves to be the most active kid I know! He plays every sport imaginable!
I love seeing my cousin start her family, and bursting with love over her baby boy
I love that when you love someone so much they are always with you- even though my grandma is gone, she is still a part of who I am and who I want to be
I love that my aunts dance at every family gathering, usually with a glass of champagne in hand
I love that my friends are extremely witty!
I love when my nieces say I love you, please & thank you
I love when my husband tells anyone he is married
I love being inspired by wedding photographers even though I don’t “know” them; they truly have ignited my passion for photography
I have to add one more for my husband:
I love that he never gives up, he isn’t afraid of trying; he is always working to be a better son, entrepreneur, brother, uncle, & husband.
He completes me and I am a better person because of him.

I encourage you to write out your own Love List!

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