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Bundle of Boy

Well I have to say photographers who shoot babies are brilliant- absolutely brilliant.

I cant tell you how incredibly hard this was for me,

definitely going to have to shoot this little guy some more!

This is Jacob (I call him JAR) he is 7 weeks old today- I think :)

the whole weeks thing with pregnancy and babies still baffles me.

Maybe this is just me, but reflecting this shoot I am kicking myself, since of course now a ton of compositions are stirring in my brain.

Grr. Well JAR I may see you sooner than later!


Jake Ruvalcaba said...

I am looking at these in tears! You did such a good job! Keep it up...... I know you'll be AMAZING! Jacob says ANYTIME! Love You! XOXO

Aunt Viv said...

What beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby boy! Keep it up Ashley...You're going to be GREAT!!! Love you....xoxo

carlie.renee. said...

hi ashley!! shooting babies is unbelievably hard!! i take photos of my niece a lot and i never seem to think they turned out very good. i will post some of those next week. so excited to see you guys tonight!!!